Our Buildings

55 Powell Street VANCOUVER, BC V6A 1E9 GASTOWN


  • Number of Units: 25
  • Neighbourhood: Gastown
  • Building Type Heritage
  • Lease Terms: 6 month
  • Manager: On-Site

25 Suite Heritage Building. All micro-suites.

55 Powell attracts lots of students and new-comers due to its affordability, proximity to schools (VFS, Aveda, VCC, London, MTI, VGC, CWA + more) and easy access to many of Vancouver’s attractions.

The newly renovated share kitchen is popular among those who want to live micro but still have access to full cooking facilities.

The shared washrooms are maintained by cleaners who take pride in being better at scrubbing than your last roommate!


Micro w/shared bathroom 115 800 February 1 MORE INFO
Micro w/shared bathroom 215 1050 February 1 MORE INFO
Micro w/shared bathroom 158 850 March 1 MORE INFO
Micro w/shared bathroom 85 550 March 1 MORE INFO


What our residents are saying

  • 3yrs of micro-living essentially changed my life. It’s a lifestyle that led to my creative and financial freedom – while being affordable, convenient, a lighter/greener footprint and surrounded by a like-minded community in return.

  • Micro-living is rewarding and refreshing. Minimizing square footage inspired me to create a surprisingly sleek, expressive and footprint-friendly space. It’s an easy trade for a location that’s walking distance to shops, a spirited nightlife and a reduced commute time to work.

  • After completing my undergraduate degree, it was important for me to live frugally but also comfortably. Micro-living proved to be the perfect solution. I was able to save money while enjoying the perks of residing in the heart of the city. Friendly neighbours and great management were an additional bonus!

  • Our building was a little diamond in the rough. I love that it’s safe and been made modern where it counts while holding true to its historic charm. There are so many incredible local businesses in the area, and I couldn’t ask for a better community of neighbours.

  • Micro-living has been a great way to save money and get ahead. I’ve been able to get back to the basics and re-focus on my career. Being in a central location with affordable rent has made all the difference in this stage of my life.

  • Great people mean a lot. This is the first photo of bald me (during chemo treatment for Lymphoma). I’d asked my neighbour if he could take some before pics of my hair. While in the hall, we were joined by a few more tenants. After a whole thwack of photos we decided we had enough and should just buzz it off! We ended up cutting my hair down into every hilarious style we could until it was gone. Like most of the awesome times we’ve had as a group, it started with bumping into people in the hall and going from there. I was lucky to have had such a fantastic community around me during a challenging time.

  • I made great friends in the building. Like lifelong super connected friends. There’s something to be said for meeting people who are in the same place at the same time in our lives. We just get each other. I didn’t expect it when I moved in (wasn’t on my radar at all) but it’s what I appreciate most. We’re all thankful for a great manager who somehow knew that we’d all fit together!